Kubota Range
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Genuine Kubota engine




The Kubota name is synonymous with the world’s highest performing, efficient and reliable engines

Redesigned louvres

Viking engineers have re-designed the louvres to minimize water ingress while maintaining a sleek appearance and keeping the chevrons in our brand.

Centre lifting point

To save time and hassle that come with normal lifting lugs, centre lift points allow easy cranage of the generator.

ABB Breakers and RCD

Forget about cheap breakers which don’t comply with Australian standards, our Kubota machines come with genuine ABB parts which guarantee acceptance in any state or site bringing high quality, accuracy and reliability.

True Heavy Duty

Our new canopy design is manufactured from 2.5mm steel and a mix of high and low density foam to ensure all frequencies of noise is absorbed keeping the decibel level as low as possible while the machine is running.

The 2.5mm canopy makes our canopies sturdy and stay in shape even after rough handling.


Lockable doors so access to control panel, engine, breakers and fuel cap can be secured.

Australian Standard

All our generators conform to AS3000, AS3008, AS3012, AS3017, AS3010.

Fork Tyne Pockets

Our Kubota range come standard with tyne pockets and centre lift points to allow for the machine to be easily lifted, moved and transported.

Comap Controller

Digital Comap IntelliNano controller capable of remote start/stop to allow our generators to be used on both prime and standby applications.

External Fuel

External fuel connection points and three way fuel valves make it seamless to connect to an external fuel tank.